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Cheese FAQ’s

Q. What type of cheese do you smoke?

  1. I purchase the best soft cheddar from Wisconsin.

Q. Does  “HOT” Smoked mean Spicy Hot.

  1. Absolutely not.  It means it has been smoked in an all western cedar smokehouse for optimum flavor over a blend of three woods also from Wisconsin which penetrates to the center of the cheese.Note: Most smoked cheeses are cold smoked and the smoke flavor never reaches the center.

Q. How long do you smoke the cheese?

  1. The cheese is smoked for approximately six hours or until it is smoked through the center of the cheese.

Q. What size does the cheese come in?

  1. The cheese is bought in blocks and then hand cut into 1/4 lb blocks.  It is turned and smoked on every side.

Q. How is the cheese packaged?

  1. The cheese is commercially vacuumed packed in 3ml bags with two cubes per package. One cube will do a plate of appetizers which is approximately 28 slices to a cube.  The cheese if kept refrigerated will last up to a year.

Q. What is the price of cheese?

  1. The current price is $25.00 per lb. plus shipping.  The price of cheese is determined by the milk price.

Trivia: It takes 100 gallons of milk to make 10 lbs. of cheese.

Comments:  I have smoked over 40 brands of cheese. This Deluxe Cheese has the smoothest texture and can be used in so many different ways to add an awesome flavor to whatever your mind can think of.  Always eat cheese at room temperature for optimum flavor.  This cheese is served in many fine dining restaurants.

Salmon FAQ’s

Q. What type of salmon do you smoke?

  1. Atlantic salmon, raised at the mouth of the Campbell River in British Columbia.  The fish is quality assured and the fish are fed only natural blend of food.

Q. Are these salmon frozen?

  1. No. I only smoke fresh one to two day killed fish.

Q. Do you smoke other kinds of salmon?

  1. No! This salmon is one of the highest in omega3 and has the best flavor and moisture of 
    1. all the salmon I have smoked.

Q. Do you brine your salmon?

  1. Absolutely not. I use a dry rub of spices with very light salt for X number of hours.  It is then washed off and hot smoked until done.Note:There is NO MSG in my recipe.

Q. How long can you keep your fish?

  1. After smoking, the fish is then commercially vacuumed packed in a 3ml bags.  You can keep it for several months as long as you keep it refrigerated at 38F or less. You will not want to freeze fish that you can’t eat at the time of purchase. A home freezer will change the flavor because it freezes the fish to slow.  The fish would have to be flash frozen in order to preserve the flavor.

Q. What is the price of fish?

  1. The current price is $35.00 per lb. plus shipping.  During the year the price of fish may vary.  The Canadians determine our price.

Comments: I have been smoking fish for close to 45 years.  This salmon is the choice of many fine dining restaurants.