Gift Ideas



Give the gift of "YUM"
As the holidays approach THINK CHEESE! Steve's Smoked Cheese & Salmon make the perfect addition for gift baskets, house warming's, backpacking and so much more!
When purchased, the cheese and salmon are vacuum packed for optimal freshness.
There are a lot if smoked cheeses on the market but all our customers keep coming back year after year for the smooth, creamy quality that Steve's Smoked Cheese provides.
Our cheese is carefully hand-cut into 1/4 lb. cubes, providing that perfect "slice" of entertaining. A 1/4 lb. cube will provide a full plate of appetizers for any occasion.
Our cheese is "hot" smoked in an all-western cedar smokehouse which is known as the most aromatic of all woods. It is smoked for six hours and turned every hour, allowing the rich smoke flavor to truly penetrate the center of each 1/4 lb. cube.
Our smoked cheese will last up to 12 month if refrigerated and wrapped properly.